List of Services Provided by Madkarter Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

All Government Liasoning such as-

  1. Company Registration/Incorporation: Incorporation is the formation of a new company or corporation. This can be done through registrations and filing of proper documents, which is a time-consuming process. We have experts that can guide and assist you with all the mandatory registrations.
  2. Import Export Code Certification i.e., IEC Certification and legal help in matter of customs import and export: The IEC is required by persons that are importing and exporting goods from India. With our experienced expertise panel, we can assist you into acquiring such certifications with ease.
  3. Approval of Building Plan: For any building to get constructed, the builder will need to have a set of approvals as well as sanctions from all the authorities concerned, this is a lengthy process. We at Madkarter assist you with acquiring such approvals with ease.
  4. Factory License: After the lease deed is signed, we also expedite the acquisition of mandatory licenses and sanctions. Some of the requisite licenses & sanctions are mentioned below:
  5. Generator installation: For any company/factory to perform well, a great power back-up is needed to ensure that everything is operating smoothly even during a power failure. We ensure to keep your office running with the installation of the proper generator.
  6. Electricity connection: The first and foremost connection of utter importance is that of electricity. An electricity connection is vital for your incorporation to operate with convenience. Our services can assist you into acquiring electricity connections without the hassle that every new incorporation has to go through.
  7. Pollution control certificate: With the advancement in manufacturing sectors, India is stepping into minimal pollution production and is making sure that every factory abides with rules that ensures the factory is producing minimal pollution for the betterment of the environment by issuing Pollution control certificates. We ensure you that our assistance can help you acquire such certificates.

We can also help you with other mandatory connections that ensure that your business is operating smoothly and without any inconvenience:

  • Shift License
  • Consent to operate under air
  • Consent to operate under water
  • GST Registration: The goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption.
  • ESI Registration: Employees’ State Insurance is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers.
  • PF Registration: Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF)is a retirement benefit scheme that’s available to all salaried employees.
  • Registration under Apprentice Act:
  • Registration under employment exchange: An incorporation can also register themselves under the Employment Exchange, so as to come across deserving candidates in search of jobs.
  • Contract Labour registration certification: The Principal Employer needs to register with the labour department of the state stating the maximum number of employees each contractor can employ.
  • Consent to establish under environment protection act
  • Certification of weights under Legal metrology act 2009
  • Sewer Connection/Water Connection
  • Food Safety license in case of canteen
  • Authorization under plastic waste management rules
  • Fire NOC
  • Boiler License
  • Central ground water authority approval

Apart from these other services provide by Madkarter are as follows-

  1. Catering Services: We at Madkarter can render catering services for the staff.
  2. Manpower supply for management as well as workers/labourers: We also provide manpower services, which includes workers and labourers needed for factories.
  3. Bank Funding: Opening a bank account (Help and Expert advice to set up ECB- external commercial borrowing, Equity, SBLC-Standby letter of credit. Madkarter is your one stop solution for all the bank related queries. We will assist you along the way from bank account opening to Bank Funding. Your queries are ours to solve.
  4. Appointment of Auditor (CA): For every incorporation to operate smoothly an auditor is necessary to keep a check on every investment made by the company, we at MKT can assist you with the appointment of a notable auditor.
  5. Appointment of legal Council: To ensure a smooth operating business, an incorporation has to abide by all the legalities of the country it has set-up in, we can assist you in appointing the right legal councils so to keep the legalities at bay.
  6. Identification of Factory land, Purchase/Rent of Factory premises, signing of rent /sale deed, registration of rent/sale deed: For a business to set-up in India it is very essential to have the right location and the best knowledge of lands for the formation of factories/office space. With the help of our experts, all the legalities of purchase, renting and other deeds are smoothly done to ensure you have the right space for your business incorporation.
  7. HR consulting services: Other than manpower, we also provide HR consulting services which aids in understanding the new work culture and the hiring of the right candidate for the right profile.
  8. Manpower transportation, Management staff transportation: Transportation for manpower and/or management staff to your required destinations can be worked upon with our assistance.

At Madkarter, we strive to make the cumbersome process of setting up your business in a new country as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our consultants and partners work tirelessly to ensure that the process of business incubation is both satisfactory and profitable for all invested parties.

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