Manpower Solutions

Madkarter Technologies aims to bridge the gap between specialty sectors and manpower. We offer services in the following domains: Executive Search, Staffing Solutions, Housekeeping, Security, Outsourcing Solutions etc.

We are a one - stop shop for all manpower requirements. We endeavour to provide quality resources to our clients through a rigorous hiring process that not only assesses the professional qualification & commitment of the recruit but also analyses the resource on an individual level. Our clients range from companies that provide/deal in Supply Chain Solutions, Electronics trading as well as Mobile Handset & Equipment manufacturing.

Outstanding and Flexible Manpower Services

At Madkarter Technologies, We believe in investing time so that we can build our knowledge in the industry so that we can continuously deliver higher value to our clients. Our talented team has embodied our spirit and beliefs and collectively we reckon that we have only just scratched the surface and that we will delve into more and more sectors as we expand our business.

We offer services in the following domains:

  • Executive Search.
  • Staffing Solutions.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Security and Outsourcing Solutions etc.

Scope of Work

At Madkarter we intend to bridge the gap between the specialty sectors and manpower. We take the grunt work out of human resources. Filling an open position takes time and money. Hiring a worker is not only time-consuming but uses plenty of other resources that can be taxing for companies, so we strive to make the hiring process easier.

We use multiple sourcing tactics to hire & payroll the desired manpower.

The candidates are recruited according to the mutual and commercial understanding between the client and Madkarter Technologies.

We offer specific recruitment help to our clients directly or indirectly through other staffing programs.

Our ability to identify the right people is a reiteration of our focus on our clients’ needs.

Induction & Joining of Workforce

This Comprises of:

01.   Work Ethics knowledge

02.     HR Policies discussion

03.   Orientation towards Madkarter Technologies

04.   Salary Disbursement information

05.   Leave Policy information

06.   Exit Policy Rules

07.   Filing of PF & ESIC Forms

08.   Applicant Profile Form

09.   Joining Report

10.   Salary Account in Banks like KOTAK, ICICI etc.

International Manpower Training

Not only do we train manpower in India but also send them to various countries abroad for requisite training (as and when required). This assists our candidates in developing their skills and getting accustomed to the workings of a new company.
A group of our candidates was recently sent to the EWPT facilities in different parts of China for technical training in various departments. Take a look:

Payroll Management

Madkarter Technologies will:

Client Company will need to provide information on number of days and hours worked, leaves availed with category of leave, reimbursements, date of exit of employees and all other relevant information.


Madkarter Technologies successfully manages its interface with its clients and temporary workforce with the help of a strong in-house technology platform.
The key component to this unique self-service portal is that it enables easy access to the comprehensive data on temporary workforce spread across multiple locations.


Madkarter Technologies will take care of declaration forms, ESI Cards, ESI transfer, inspection, maintenance of records, filing of returns, employee benefits administration and educating the employees on how to avail the benefits when required.


Madkarter Technologies will be responsible for transfer of PF account, deductions, remittances, record maintenance, and filing of returns, inspections, PF loan administration and all other requirements for PF administration.


Madkarter Technologies will check the coverage and the rates applicable to the employees and will take care of deductions, remittances and records.


Madkarter Technologies will deduct tax wherever applicable 
and deposit with IT authorities. It will also maintain all statutory records in this respect.


Madkarter Technologies has a national compliance audit agency which monitors and audits our compliance adherence to our clients. We handle people and infrastructure related compliances through effective technology backend that is simple but robust. We are sensitive to client compliances. From the appointment order structuring to payroll, we ensure that we work in strict accordance to the client specifications.


We handle expense processing for our outsourced employees. Expenses like travel, regular administrative pay-outs, and compliances like FBT[Fringe Benefit Tax] are in adherence to the prevailing laws.


We will take care of registration, settlement of claims, education on benefits and renewals for all the insurance that needs to be taken in India. Insurance will cover the INR 50,000 as Medical insurance and INR 2,00,000 as Accidental insurance.


Madkarter Technologies will work with client on periodic performance feedback of the temporary workforce. The PMS is intended to help temporary workforce realize its full performance potential.

Performance Monitoring & Appraisal

Madkarter Technologies adheres to strict rules and laws in accordance with the following acts that pertain to labour, compensation as well as factory laws. The following acts are covered in all our contracts & negotiations.

  • Shops and Establishment Acts
  • Factories Act 1948
  • Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act 1970
  • Industrial Disputes Act 1947
  • Employee State Insurance Act 1948
  • Payment of Wages Act 1936
  • Minimum Wages Act 1948
  • Payment of Bonus Act 1965
  • Employee Pension Scheme 1995
  • Workman’s Compensation Act 1923
  • Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
Factory Law
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